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Luremasters 2018 Fishing Zones

Posted on Jun 04, 2018

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Relax, take a breath! The map shown in the article image is just a joke. :)

Truth is, questions about the 2018 Luremasters parcours have been reaching us by multiple participants, so we decided to inform you all via this news item.

As most of you already will know, we announce our fishing zones shortly before the tournament, e.g. one or two weeks. 

We do this because we believe it's fair policy, Not everybody has the opportunity to put days and weeks into training. Of course you can still practise and train as much as you want, because one thing is for sure and that's you will fish one day on lake Volkerak, one day on Lake Haringvliet and one day on Lake Hollandsdiep. But where and where not, that will remain a guess untill the middle of September.

Good luck and enjoy summer!