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Luremasters Beefs up sponsor group

Posted on Jun 19, 2018

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Luremasters proudly announces a new sponsor to the tournament! As we all know, love goes thru one's stomach, so we decided to beef up our goody bag for you, with some high octane fishing fuel.

Jack Link's, famous for its BIFI and Beef Jerky brands, will sponsor Luremasters 2018!

Jack Link's will sponsor Luremasters in 2018 with their fantastic products. Every participating boat and each official will receive a generous amount of products during the competition days. On top of that Jack Link's will also contribute with additional prices during the event.

The world famous BiFi sausages, ready to be torn apart

Luremasters is very proud with Jack Link's as sponsor; Jack Link's is a top tier company with great brands that fit perfectly to the needs of those actively fishing for predators and a great addition to the Luremasters family!
Beef Jerky, instant fishing power!
Jack Link's and its brands can be found on the following websites and facebook:
Jack Link's Website  - Jack Link's Facebook
BiFi Website - BiFi Facebook