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Fishing zones 2018 Announced!

Posted on Aug 29, 2018

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Fresh water or salt? Seabass or zander? Will you change the fishing zone or not? Please change the fishing zone! Do I need to bring cod-rigs? Will my boat rust?

Yes, we got A LOT of questions regarding the parcours and "het Kierbesluit", meaning there will be a salt/brakish transition zone in lake Haringvliet. Opening of the dam  was postponed till after the tournament yesterday , but we still decided not to take any risk and change the Haringvliet parcour anyway. Below you can find the info.

We kept fishing zones quiet for as long as possible, to give everybody the same chance during competition. Fishing zones are under reservation and can be changed by the organization at all time, when weather or other factors force us.

We refer to the rules stated here, but to further exhibit the rules regarding fishing zones and forbidden zones:
  • Fishing maps shown here are to be used as reference only. Dutch Laws are always applicable.
  • We followed official Dutch rules and marked all nature reserve areas and other forbidden zones like traffic lanes and main harbors red. To mark these areas, we followed the dashed red lines describing forbidden zones on the Navionics maps, or buoys in case relevant.
  • The forbidden zones are marked on all lakes by buoys or wooden posts with signs. You are not allowed to enter these zones with your boat. If a referee sees you driving the boat in a forbidden zone, whether it’s one meter or fifty, you will lose your biggest fish of that day and get a yellow card. No discussion possible. A second fault will result in disqualification. During the Marshall Briefing, some "difficult zones" will be further elaborated.
  • Should you not be in possesion of a Navionics map on your plotter during the competition, we advise you to check the maps on your phone using the Navionics Boating App (Free for 15 days). Having no chart on board is no excuse for driving your boat into forbidden zones.
  • You are allowed to cast into the red zones, but don’t push it, and stay clear from the outer boundaries of the forbidden zones. Play safe and fair.
  • You are not allowed to position your boat within 50 meters of any harbor entrance. In some cases, long piers or a harbor canal connect the harbor with a lake. We take these areas into account as being harbor. So, again, don't push it. Keep your boat out of the entrance routes of the harbors and don't cast into the 50 meter zones if you might cause hinder to passing boats.
  • If you have questions about specific spots you have in mind, ask our Head Marshall John Smit.
Click on the maps below to open a larger version.



Apart from the fishing map showing our parcour and forbidden zones for 2018, please open this link which will give information in 3 languages regarding maximum allowed speed and also forbidden zones. Please note, as mentioned above, we will follow the rules of forbidden zones shown on the Navionics maps. They might differ slightly from the folder in the link.

"Dutch police has announced to control strictly on these rules and particularly on SPEED!"
For the Haringvliet it means that for example the starting position is a maximum 20 km/hour zone. Make sure YOU are familiar with these rules because YOU are responsible yourself on how you drive your boat on the water.

For this new parcour we did not exclude the main traffic lane North of the island Tiengemeten, as it runs almost from bank till bank. We ask all participants to fish wisely and stay out of the way of yachts, ferries and commercial shipping.


Regarding lake Volkerak, we were also surprised by "the amount of red", but we can only follow the rules. Make sure you stay outside the main traffic lane (marked by big red and green buoys) and outside the zones marked with buoys like the ones shown below. There are still plenty of weedbeds and structures left, it's a big lake.

Apart from that, a new map with information regarding lake Volkerak has been published online. We kindly ask you to check the following link: Information Volkerak. Unfortunately the text is in Dutch only, but google translate might help you understand what's most important.