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LM 2019 - Registration now open!

Posted on Nov 15, 2018

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Luremasters 2019 – Bigger & Better

Holidays are over and it’s about time to inform you about the 2019 tournament. After another successful event, instead of launching the 2019 event immediately, we decided to give it some thought and see if and what we wanted differently.


Luremasters 2019 will be held in week 38.
- September 18th – Registration day
- September 19, 20 and 21 - Competition days

Entry fee

Main item on the agenda were the risen tournament costs for us as  organization and how to cope with them. The costs simply don’t match with the income. Luremasters does not have the objective to make profits, but we need positive numbers at the end. In short, as a consequence, the entry fee had to be increased.
Entree fee for LM2019 will be 500,- Euros per team


The amount of interest for the tournament grows higher and higher each year. Last year we could have filled 80+ spots easily, but decided to stick to our maximum amount of 60 teams. As a result, unfortunately we had to disappoint many. This year however, after successfully launching 30 boats per boat ramp in 2018, we learned we can easily host more teams.
We decided to increase the maximum amount of teams to 90 teams in 2019!


So, 150% participants compared to 2018 and more impact on the management of the tournament; we also decided to upsize our organization by 150% as well. This means Head Marshall John Smit from now on will be part of the organization besides Hendrik Jan Verheij and Volkmar Strikkers

Luremasters HQ

Although Citta Romana proved us to be a pleasant and reliable partner for Luremasters, the distance to the boat ramps made us decide to change location for 2019, especially with the new boat ramp to be opened at the South side of lake Hollandschdiep. The new HQ Location for 2019 will be “The Hoezemoos” in Den Bommel.

Here we will enjoy the complete facilities of the Hoezemoos for the whole tournament. Registration, marshall briefing, price event and party on Saturday evening will be held there, as well as all the evening diners on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


So, 90 spots to fill. Subscribe now via the BOOK NOW button on our homepage. After entering your details you will receive bank details to which your payment has to be transferred. First come first serve, so don't wait to long!
Important: Only one member per team has to subscribe.