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Navionics prolongs sponsorship

Posted on Feb 05, 2019

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Exiting news from one of our early sponsors! Navionics Benelux, will not only prolong, but also expand their sponsor deal with Luremasters. We give the word to Jacco Willemsen, Sales Manager for Navionics Benelux:

Navionics is proud to sponsor Luremasters again in the 2019 edition. Like last years, Navionics will sponsor prizes for the biggest fish caught per species. So the biggest Perch, Zander and Pike will receive Navionics prizes, but there will be more!

For the first time this year, Navionics will sponsor a dinner at the Luremasters HQ. More information to follow, but this will be fun!

Team Henk & Jeff, winners of the first Luremasters edtition

In this year's event, Navionics will have three teams present in the competition. Offcourse there will be the 2017 winners Henk en Jeff as Team Navionics 1, and myself and Rocky van Duijvenvoorde will complete Team Navionics 2. BUT regarding the third team, we will have a special announcement around may this year...

Please follow the Navionics and Luremasters Facebook page to get the latest information.

Navionics will feed your hungry mouths during one night of the 2019 event.

Luremasters is keen to work together again with the leading company in the cathography business. We are sure all our participants have used Navionics one way or another to prepare, compete and even win the competition!

Team Luremasters