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Luremasters Float-tube competition!

Posted on May 15, 2019

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Luremasters Bigger&Better

New: float-tube competition in November 2019!

Luremasters enters into a new chapter. On November 3, 2019 the first Luremasters float-tube competition will be organised on lake Gooimeer in The Netherlands. 35 teams of two fishermen will compete for the championship and a lot of great prices to be won. Several sponsors have confirmed their participation. Raymarine is again main sponsor of the event, providing two Raymarine Element series 7” to be won by the winning couple!
Filling in the need for a well organised float-tube competition, JNLL and Floatmaster discussed with Luremasters how an unique event could be created. This is why the Luremasters float-tube competition will be run under the same principles as the Luremasters: Fishing – Fair – Fun; so for sure it will be a challenging and competitive event but also a great and fun day for all involved.

Further details will follow soon on www.luremasters.nl and LM Facebook.

The competition principles

The event is a one-day event. Thirty-five (35) teams of two fishermen will compete in this event. Two areas (A and B) will be assigned. Of each couple one fisherman will fish on area A and the other fisherman will fish area B. The aim is to catch the biggest 5 perch, 5 zander and 3 pikes PER COUPLE. So teams need to think of smart tactics to communicate and set strategy; challenging! The winning team is the team with the most centimeters of the 5 perch, 5 zander and 3 pike at the end of the day.

The day will be ended with a great celebration, price event and dinner!

Rules and governance:

Similar rules will be applied as in the Luremasters boating event. These can be found soon on www.luremasters.nl . Marshall boats will be actively present during the day and will do the fish measurements and registration.


Location will be the Gooimeer in The Netherlands where the two areas will be confirmed later. We will start in two different locations, Huizen and Naarden. Details will follow later.


- Sunday November 3 2019. This is the competition day.
-Sunday November 10 2019; this is our reserve day in case the weather does not allow us to fish November 3.


Main event sponsor: Raymarine
And also JNLL, Floatmaster, OMGFishingrods, Navionics, MDSI, Kunstaasoutlet, Vissenberglures and Fauna Hengelsport have confirmed their participation to the tournament!

Entry fees

Entry fee for this year has been set on Euro 120,- per couple. This includes a well filled goodie bag and also the dinner at the end of the day!

Subscription to the event

Sunday May 19, 2019 at 20.00hours (8.00pm) the subscription to the event will open. Entries will be handled on a first come first serve basis. The maximum participation is 35 couples. Entry is only confirmed when payments are received. Full details can be found on www.luremasters.nl . Confirmed participants will receive a full personal briefing with all details.

Detailed information about the method for subscription will follow tomorrow on Luremasters.nl
If more information is required, please email: bellyboat@luremasters.nl


Subscription for Luremasters 2020

PLEASE NOTE: The Luremasters 2020 is full (23.01.2020 - 15:00) - you can still sign up and you will be added to a waiting list. We will inform you on January 30th if you will get your chance to compete in the Luremasters 2020 and, if neccessary, refund your entrance fee.

Please subscribe at the bottom of the page using your Team Name, with the email address and phone number of the Team Captain. Only one participant per team has to subscribe.

After subscribing you automatically enter your team page, where you can fill out your team details such as participant names, pictures and potential sponsor details.

Costs are 600 EURO per team, after subscribing you will automatically recieve an email with payment request. Your subscription will be finalized upon payment. Maximum 99 teams (9 reserved for sponsors). When competition is full we will use a spare list for teams that subscribed, which we will use top down looking at date of subscription.