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Luremasters Float Tube 2019 - How to subscribe?

Posted on May 17, 2019

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Subscription to the event

Sunday May 19, 2019 at 20:00 hours (8.00pm) the subscription to the event will open. The maximum amount of participating teams is 35. Entry is only confirmed when a teams payment is received by Luremasters. Entries will be handled on a first come first serve basis. So, the first 35 payments we receive are in. Subscriptions done prior to Sunday May 19, 20:00 will be ignored. Did you miss the (belly)boat? Your money will be automatically refunded once all the subscriptions are final.

Confirmed participants will receive a confirmation e-mail soon, followed later by a full personal briefing with all details.


Subscription and payment is done per team (2 Anglers). Luremasters has the right to reject unclear / incomplete subscriptions and or payments.

How to subscribe?

Send an e-mail to: bellyboat@luremasters.nl with the following information:
- Team name
- Team Nationality
- Name Participant 1
- Name Participant 2*
- Email address Participant 1
- Email address Participant 2*
- Phone number Participant 1
- Phone number Participant 2*
- Team be present during dinner: Yes/No

*In case you don't know the name and e-mail address of Participant 2 yet, please fill in Tba and make sure to complete all other steps including full payment.

Payment to be done to the following account:
IBAN: NL98 RABO 0310 6071 32
Account name: Stichting Luremasters
If assistance or more information is required, please email: bellyboat@luremasters.nl