Luremasters' EBBM ServiceHub!

Posted on May 23, 2019

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It's the worst nightmare of any tournament angler. You invest big money in the best boating equipment money can buy, but on the moment supreme one link in the chain fails. In three years Luremasters we’ve seen it all. Trolling motors, batteries, fuses, even bilge plugs seem to time their failure during the tournament. It’s more than inconvenient, it can cost you the tournament.

Since getting replacement products always forms a big and time consuming problem, Luremasters decided to investigate adding service hub to the tournament. Together with we worked out a plan to create a service hub at the Luremasters HQ, during the tournament, were we will stock some replacement parts for participants in need. There are plenty “handy-men” around to assist and keep all boats in the tournament.  

Bodil van Roeden, owner of says:

We are very proud to collaborate with Luremasters and together form a service hub on one of the biggest fishing tournaments in Europe. At the EBBM ServiceHub we will stock a list of items, most likely to fail during a high demanding tournament. We cannot promise miracles, but will do our very best to help every participant with their troubles. supplies electric trolling motors, batteries & chargers, fish finders, connecting materials, spare parts and accessories.

Apart from the EBBM ServiceHub, EBBM will also put prizes to the ever growing prize table. Altogether, we think this collaboration will lift Luremasters to the next level. Of course we hope for all participants you won’t need the EBBB ServiceHub, but even if you don’t, make sure to check it out and give your support!