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Luremasters and Hecht und Barsch collab

Posted on Aug 27, 2019

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Luremasters cooperates with Hecht und Barsch Gmbh for it's 2019 event

Deventer, August 27th 2019

Luremasters will be officially cooperating with Hecht und Barsch for its 2019 event. With this partnership both organisations hope to broaden the social media reach of both the Luremasters event and Hecht und Barsch.

Luremasters has quickly grown into one of the most attractive fishing tournaments in Europe with it's unique 'Fishing, Fair, Fun' approach to a professionally organised fishing tournament. Affordable entrance fees, tightly organised and great prizes make it one of the most sought after tournaments of today.

The Hecht&Barsch GmbH is widely known as one of the leading content producers within the European predatory angling scene, with their most recent production (YouTube Predator Cup) making their channel one of the most viewed fishing channels in Europe. Additionally their values of promoting fishing to the younger generations in a fun and friendly way as well as being innovative and creative with their business approach towards new partners made it an easy decision to join up with this young and dynamic company.

We look forward to a long and successful partnership together.

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Subscription for Luremasters 2020

PLEASE NOTE: The Luremasters 2020 is full (23.01.2020 - 15:00) - you can still sign up and you will be added to a waiting list. We will inform you on January 30th if you will get your chance to compete in the Luremasters 2020 and, if neccessary, refund your entrance fee.

Please subscribe at the bottom of the page using your Team Name, with the email address and phone number of the Team Captain. Only one participant per team has to subscribe.

After subscribing you automatically enter your team page, where you can fill out your team details such as participant names, pictures and potential sponsor details.

Costs are 600 EURO per team, after subscribing you will automatically recieve an email with payment request. Your subscription will be finalized upon payment. Maximum 99 teams (9 reserved for sponsors). When competition is full we will use a spare list for teams that subscribed, which we will use top down looking at date of subscription.