Fish Data 2019 - Volkerak

Posted on Oct 09, 2019

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Fish data, some will think "why bother, I'll go fishing anyway". "Fishing is no science", well, it might not be, but still data can bring interesting insights.

With 1620 Fish reported thru our app, we collected quite a database, which we processed into the graphs shown below. This first episode shows the 3 days on Lake Volkerak. The graphs show the amount of fish per hour, against one of the environmental influences on the fish' activity.

Do different species respond differently to the same weather influence? Well, have a look and find out!

Before we head into the weather influences, generally it was striking to see almost zero zanders were caught on lake Volkerak during the 3 days competition. Where they absent, or completely inactive for 3 days? Wrong moon phase, who knows?

Like previous years, the graphs shown that as soon as pike activity starts to pick up, the perch slows down immedidiately. Apparently they sense that their role shifts from predator to prey!
Perch activity peaked during morning hours, where Pike had a daily second peak right after lunch. And on all three days especially big pikes were caught during this afternoon feast!

Amount of fish versus Air pressure (mbar)

No significant changes in air pressure, nor effect on the fishing were seen.

Amount of fish versus Wind direction (deg)


The changing wind from East to NNW seemed to completely put of the perch, while pike slowly became more active.

Perch activity slowed down with the wind turning a bit more to the east, when the wind turned back, perch activity picked up. Wind turned back in east direction again and perch fishing died down. Or was this just the normal after lunch dip? Pike did not seem to bother.

Amount of fish versus Air temperature (deg)

High temperature seems to help with the perch fishing. But still after 14:00 it's better to try someting else...

That's it for lake Volkerak. We'll be back with Lake Haringvlit and Hollandsdiep soon.