Fish Data 2019 - Haringvliet

Posted on Oct 13, 2019

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Fish data, some will think "why bother, I'll go fishing anyway". "Fishing is no science", well, it might not be, but still data can bring interesting insights.

With 1620 Fish reported thru our app, we collected quite a database, which we processed into the graphs shown below. This second episode shows the 3 days on Lake Haringvliet. The graphs show the amount of fish per hour, against one of the environmental influences on the fish' activity. Added to the equation is the tidal influence.

Do different species respond differently to the same weather influence? Well, have a look and find out!

Lake Haringvliet

Generally, the amount of fish caught on lake Haringvliet was quite alarming. Less than 17% of all caught fish were caught on Lake Haringvliet. One would expect it to be around 1/3rd of the total, normally. Compared to the other lakes, fishing was very, very slow.

Amount of fish versus Air pressure (mbar)

No significant changes in air pressure, nor effect on the fishing were seen.

Amount of fish versus Wind direction (deg)


Amount of fish versus Air temperature (deg)

Amount of fish versus Tide (cm)

That's it for lake Haringvliet. We'll be back with Lake Hollandsdiep soon.