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Luremasters 2020 event date and registration information

Posted on Jan 14, 2020

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First of all, let us thank you all very much for the very positive feedback we have received about the transfer of ownership of the Luremasters tournament. We are overwhelmed and we are looking forward to continue what Volkmar, Hendrik-Jan and John have built over the last 4 years together with a great team of marshalls and a selection of great sponsors.

We are constantly working together with the former event organisation to make the shift as smooth as possible for everyone involved and we are doing everything we can to make one of the best fishing tournaments even better in the future years.

As we understand that many of you need to apply to get days off from work, we don't want to wait any longer and let you know the following event dates:
23.09.2020 - Registration day
24.09.2020 - 26.09.2020 Competition days


We decided not to touch the one houndred, but we are happy to announce that we will open the event to 99 teams in the 2020 edition.

Entry fee

The entry fee for the Luremasters 2020 will be 600€ per Team (300€ per Angler)

Event Headquarters

As in the previous edition the event location is going to be the “The Hoezemoos” in Den Bommel again for 2020. We believe that the infrastructure of this place is very good to run the event and we believe that it is very convenient for everybody to reach considering the 3 bodies of water that are going to be fished.

Here we will enjoy the complete facilities of the Hoezemoos for the whole tournament. Registration, marshall briefing, price event and party on Saturday evening will be held there, as well as all the evening diners on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Major changes for 2020

We would like to keep the format pretty much as it is, however there are a few changes to consider before you sign up:
  • Fishing will only be allowed with one rod per angler at a time (no more trolling with 2 rods per Angler, no more "dead rod")
  • Legal size of Perch is 30 cm
There might be a few other changes apply to the rules before the event starts, but these are the most important for you to consider. You can check the rules here.

Subscription process

We are going to open the subscrition on Wednesday 22.01.2019 at 17.00. The first 90 boats signed up will appear in the list and at the same time you receive an email with instructions for the payment of the entrance fee. The payment needs to be made within one week (until January 29th) in order to confirm the participation. If the entrance fee was not payed in that time, we are going to give the spot to the next team on a possible waiting list.

Please note that we are reserving 9 spots for Luremasters sponsor teams. If these slots are not used, we will inform the teams on the possible waiting list in order of subscription.

Important: Only one member per team has to subscribe.

Many thanks to each of you for trusting us!

Christian & Timo 


Subscription for Luremasters 2020

PLEASE NOTE: The Luremasters 2020 is full (23.01.2020 - 15:00) - you can still sign up and you will be added to a waiting list. We will inform you on January 30th if you will get your chance to compete in the Luremasters 2020 and, if neccessary, refund your entrance fee.

Please subscribe at the bottom of the page using your Team Name, with the email address and phone number of the Team Captain. Only one participant per team has to subscribe.

After subscribing you automatically enter your team page, where you can fill out your team details such as participant names, pictures and potential sponsor details.

Costs are 600 EURO per team, after subscribing you will automatically recieve an email with payment request. Your subscription will be finalized upon payment. Maximum 99 teams (9 reserved for sponsors). When competition is full we will use a spare list for teams that subscribed, which we will use top down looking at date of subscription.