Update on housing

Posted on Jul 03, 2017

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Yesterday and today your's truly did a roundtrip in the area of Hellevoetsluis to gain info on availability and rates of other parcs. Unfortunately Cita Romana is full and the same accounts for Cape Helius. The parcs listed below do have houses available at this moment. We advise you to book as soon as possible, as also these parcs expect to be full on short notice.

Citta Romana will remain the event HQ and place where daily dinner will take place. 

Some remarks regarding the parcs we visited:

- Houses available for 4 or 6 people.
- When you make a booking, mention you will bring a boat.
- Limited parking space per house. In most cases only place for one boat or car.
- Make sure you bring (weatherproof) power extension cables.
- Parc Aquadelta and Duynhille can only be booked from Monday till Monday

- Parc Europarcs Poort van Zeeland - 2 mins walk from Citta Romana
- Parc Aquadelta - 40 mins drive from Citta Romana, yet close to all boat ramps
- Parc Duynhille - 20 mins drive from Citta Romana