Luremasters catch report

Posted on Oct 09, 2017

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Time to have a look at the Luremasters 2017 catch report we promised. 809 Catches have been reported via the Luremasters app. 17 Out of 54 boats were able to catch a full card of 7 zander, 5 perch and 3 pike. Especially the zander seemed not to be co-operative (or present..?) Of course a lot of fish who were too small to report have not been sent in, but still we found it interesting to see if we can discover any patterns by checking the recieved data.

Before we take a look at the graphs we want to make a few remarks. First and most important, we can only try to explain what is happening, this is solely our interpretation of what the graphs show. We do not intent to tell the absolute truth.

That being said, a couple of choices/factors that influence the results given below:


  • Goal of the competition, catch as many centimeters over 7 zander, 5 perch and 3 pike. First day, especially in the beginning, all fish would have been uploaded, but when the amount per species is fullfilled, fish smaller than the smallest on the list have not been uploaded, so not all fish caught have been reported.
  • Only legal size fish could be uploaded to the app, also resulting in not all caught fish having been reported.
  • We combined the catches of all 3 lakes in the graphs. We know lake Volkerak has no tidal influence, but quick checks showed that the behaivior over time on lake Volkerak was pretty much in line with lake Hollandsdiep and Haringvliet, which are under influence of tide. Interesting!
  • Maybe everybody was targetting certain species at the same moment, resulting in distorted results, we don't know.


Time for some graphs. Per day, the first graph shows the catches versus tide, while the second graph shows catches versus air pressure. Quick explaination how to read the graph.
  • Left Y-Axis shows the amount of fish uploaded per hour.
  • Right Y-Axis (in combination with yellow line) shows either water level in relation to NAP (tide) or barometric pressure in Hpa (air pressure)
  • See legend on right side of each graph:
    • Zander = blue
    • Pike = Grey
    • Perch = Orange

Luremasters interpretations/conclusions:

  • Perch seemed to be most around high tide, whether upcoming or outgoing tide seemed not to matter, but is this the only factor?
  • Perch activity peaked at the beginning and end of each competition day. Tide, time or..?
  • Interesting to see is during the periods the pike activity peaked, perch activity drops to a minimum. Do the perch hide when pike are active?
  • Pike seemed to be most active just before and just after low tide.
  • Pike also seems to respond most to sudden air pressure changes.
  • Zander were especially hard to catch during this year's competition. They seem to like constant air pressure, which was not the case during the competition, due to some big storms.
  • Most zander activity occured around the periods of maximum tidal current.
  • It was very interesting that fish activity in general peaked at the same time on all three lakes. Slow hours would be followed by short bursts of activity, evenly spread over all three lakes. This is especially interesting as lake Volkerak is not directly connected to the other two lakes, and has no tidal influence. So is activity caused by the tidal current, or is it the gravitational force exerted by moon and sun that trigger fish? The latter being the same for waters connected to sea and those not connected.
So, what do you guys think? We'll share the article on the Luremasters Facebook page, where it's possible to respond and share thoughts.

Interesting stuff to maybe adapt your tactics for next year? Should you win the competition we would be glad to hear it's because of our work, should you loose sticking to the same tactic, obviously we can not be held accountable. :)

Tight lines,
Volkmar Strikkers - Luremasters


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