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Book you stay at Citta Romana

Posted on May 01, 2018

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Luremasters 2018, only five months away! Be sure to book your stay in time. Citta Romana again will be our Luremasters HQ, where subscription, competition dinners and prize giving will take place.

Citta Romana
Prizes for 2018 are:
4 nights: € 608,00
5 nights: € 725,00

Houses have room for 6 people (3 bedrooms) eg. 3 teams in principle. We advise to book your stay on short notice, since availability, like this year, will be limited and quickly filled. You can book your home @ Luremasters rate via: info@cittaromana.com or checkout their website: Cittaromana.com

Alternative housing options:
- Parc Europarcs Poort van Zeeland - 2 mins walk from Citta Romana
- Parc Park Rondeweidebos - 9 mins drive from Citta Romana
- Parc Duynhille - 20 mins drive from Citta Romana
- Camping Hoezemoos - 33 mins drive from Citta Romana
- Parc Aquadelta - 40 mins drive from Citta Romana, yet close to all boat ramps