Luremaster Rules

LureMaster Competition – Rules & Regulations

Luremasters reserves the right to change the rules at any point before the competition. Check back regularly to see what's updated.

Main items

  • This three day predator fishing tournament is held on a Catch & Release basis.
  • A maximum of 60 boats, each boat being a team of 2 anglers
  • No qualification is needed in order to participate
  • Participation is at own risk 


In order to participate:
  • Each team member should subscribe to the tournament online at
  • Public liability insurance is mandatory.
  • Each participant needs to own a Dutch fishing license; “Vispas”. These can be bought at several tackle stores in the vicinity of event HQ and online at
  • The captain of a fast boat (topspeed over 20kph) needs to own a license for operating a fast boat.
  • All boats need to comply with Dutch rules and be safe to operate in the competition area.
  • A scan or copy of your insurance policy as well as licenses, as mentioned above, need to be presented when reporting for the competition.
  • Participants should be equipped with a mobile phone with a databundle that will work in the Netherlands and holds sufficient capacity to last three competition days.
  • Luremasters cannot be held liable for any injuries, damages, fines and ore loss or theft of equipment

Fishing rules

  • Competition days start at 08:00 every morning. It is the participants responsability to have their boat in the water on time. There will be no waiting for boats that are not in the water when the competition starts.
  • Lures only competition, no bait allowed whatsoever
  • Pre-baiting prior to the competition, within the competition area, is prohibited
  • A maximum of two rods per angler can be used  at once, no more then two rods per angler can be rigged (line and hook) at any point during the competition.
  • All styles of lure fishing are allowed
  • Participants are not allowed to fish:
    • Within 50 meters of any harbor entrance
    • In main traffic lanes for commercial shipping (sport lanes are allowed)
    • In forbidden zones, nature reserves or industrial areas, according to Dutch fishing rules
    • Within 100 meter of any other participant
    • Within 25 meters of non participating boats and fishermen
  • Participants that are trolling lures cannot pass within 100 meters of boats that are drifting or fishing from an electronically anchored boat.
  • If two boats approach each other while trolling, portside makes way for starboard (bakboord wijkt voor stuurboord)
  • There can be no boat to boat contact. This will be punished with a yellow card
  • You cannot leave the parcours, or go to the shore during the competition. If somehow this cannot be avoided report to a marshall first. If you don't report you will be disqualified.

Competition format

  • Check the competition itinerary for a day to day program
  • Points are earned as a team
  • The following species count for points during this competition: Pike, Perch, Zander. Each centimeter being a point. Only legally sized fish count for points during this competition; Pike: 45cm, Zander 42cm, Perch 22cm.
  • Points will be awarded for a total of 7 zander, 5 perch and 3 pike over the course of three days. Every centimeter is one point. If a team catches more than the maximum amount for a species the smallest fish is automatically discarded.
  • Winner of the competition will be the team with the most points, regardless of catching all the necessary fish.
  • In case of a tie the team with the biggest fish wins, if they both have an equally big fish the next big fish will determine the outcome. (Or the next fish until a result is available. Big fish meaning big by length)
  • Dead fish, or severely injured fish do not count.
  • Fish cannot be held in a livewell. If during boat checks fish are found in livewells the team will be disqualified immediately.
  • Each day, teams will be fishing in a different fishing zone. Starting zone will be drawn during opening ceremony.
  • Boat check: Luremasters reserves the right to check boats before every competition day and during the competition. Marshalls must be allowed unrestricted access to the boat and full cooperation is expected.

Fish Reporting

  • Fish have to be reported during the competition day. Fish cannot be reported after the competition day (16:00). Should you have technical problems you can report your fish by phone or sms (or pigeon) to the organisation stating species, length and unique code. After the competition day you will still have to present pictures to the organisation.
  • Fish that count for competition shall be photographed by phone, left flank up, on the measuring board, clearly showing size, boat number, competition day and unique code.
  • Fish photographed on the measuring board not touching the start of the board will not be counted.
  • Photos shall be uploaded by the LureMasters (web)app immediately, after the fish is safely released
  • All pictures will be checked by the organization. The organization has the right to reject any picture not complying to the above stated rules
  • Participants are allowed to present better pictures (on measuring board in correct orientation, including unique fish code) ,for rejected fish after the competition, but only for already reported fish.

External factors

  • If the weather does not allow the fishing of a zone that has been fished in other competition days, Luremasters reserves the right to change zones or cancel a zone or even a competition day altogether
  • If for some reason Luremasters chooses to cancel a competition day when it it's already in progress, only those fish will count that have been reported up until the official time of cancellation. Official time being the time a push message has beent sent to the Luremasters app.
  • In the event of fishing day cancellation the final result will be calculated based on the days that have been fished.

Boat safety

  • Apart from complying to Dutch shipping rules for inland navigation, participants should:
    • Wear lifejackets at all time during the competition.
    • Either an anchor or a trolling motor with anchor function is required
    • A minimal of two means of propulsion is required on every boat (e.g. paddle, outboard, electric engine)
    • Have some enough spare fuel on board
  • Speed limits. Lake Haringvliet has a speed limit of 9,5 kph outside traffic lanes and 20 kph inside main traffic lanes (between the big buoys, not the sport lanes!). It's the particpants responsability to follow these rules and any speed tickets or other violations of the (shipping)law, resulting in arrest/penalties by the law enforcement, are at own risk.


  • A deliberate act of cheating shall be punished by disqualification
  • Fishing in a forbidden zone (to be determined by marshall boats) will result in the biggest fish for that day being removed from the score. If a participant is caught in a forbidden zone a second time during the competition, disqualification will follow.